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Bactrim contains a combination of sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim.

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1. Winston DJ, Lau WK, Gal P, Young LS. Timthopim-Sulamthoxazol th Tatmnt Pnumocystis cainii pnumonia. Ann Intn Md . Jun 1980;92:762-769.

Caution with impaid nal hpatic unction, patints with possibl olat dicincy (g, th ldly, chonic alcoholics, patints civing anticonvulsant thapy, patints with malabsoption syndom, and patints in malnutition stats), and patints with sv allgis bonchial asthma.

10-mL Vials , containing 160 mg timthopim (16 mg/mL) and 800 mg sulamthoxazol (80 mg/mL) inusion with 5% dxtos in wat.

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